In my job at Hertford College, I am responsible for the integrity of the college's branding and visual assets and created the in-house style guide for written communication. Examples of graphic design on this page include promotional print material, internal publications and digital branding and marketing.

External-facing designs stick firmly to the college's brand guidelines. The promotional leaflet for the visiting student study abroad programme, for example, uses the main red and grey colour scheme and propriety fonts suitable for an academic publication. The dynamic use of photographs and tall A3 format work together to show off the college's architecture and community. Likewise, the branding for talks and webinars such as 'Britain's Constitutional Crisis' and '21st Century Survival Skills' is anchored around on-brand typography paired with high quality photography relevant to the event.

Student-facing designs take the brand guidelines as their basis but are more informal. The Alternative Prospectus, for example, makes use of a quirky display font and wider colour palette, while the Wellbeing Handbook uses hand-drawn lines and arrows throughout.

The website branding for the Tanner Research Project uses the brand guidelines' secondary yellow-orange colour to complement the monochrome design. This different style takes inspiration from the hand-typed documents which informed the research project and serves to differentiate this section of the college website.